I Am Sami

  • 2014
  • Drama
  • 15 mins


For ten year old Sami, despite the ongoing war raging around his Middle East home, life is fairly straightforward. He enjoys showing off to the beautiful girl next door and spending time with his family. But, with a sick father, Sami needs money to buy medicine. He is able to get that money by selling 'blue' films to the American soldiers at the local army base. It is here that he befriends Oscar, the soldier who is his most regular customer and who has taken an interest in Sami’s family.

But life becomes more complicated when Sami is confronted by a well-known local villain. Discovering his friendship with the Americans, Sami is asked to choose between the American ‘enemies’ or his own people.

When his father and brother are taken from their home during a night raid by American forces, Sami learns that friendship is not easy in a time of conflict. He is forced to choose just who his real friends are and to decide where his loyalties should lie. It is a decision that could deprive him of his childhood and change his life forever.

Long held memories of grief and the ramifications of war collide when 10 year old Middle-East refugee Ako is forced to spend an afternoon with elderly English neighbours. With more in common than they might have imagined, all three realise that sometimes letting go is the hardest thing to do.

A Footprint Films and Joka Films Co-Production.

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