The Darkest Light

Directed by Simon Beaufoy and Bille Eltringham,
Produced by Mark Blaney Written by Simon Beaufoy.

This is the story of ten-year-old Catherine, the boisterous daughter of a farming family and a force to be reckoned with. Her younger brother, Matthew, is seriously ill with Leukaemia, so when Catherine and her new Hindu classmate, Uma, witness a strange and mysterious phenomenon in the hills, Catherine is convinced that it is a sign that Matthew is going to get better. But Uma is far from sure, and as news of the 'vision' spreads, Catherine finds that she not only holds the key to her family's uncertainties, but those of the whole community.

Cast: Stephen Dillane, Kerry Fox, Keri Arnold, Kavita Sungha, Jason Walton, Nisha K. Nayar

A Footprint Films Production for Pathé Pictures, Studio Canal,
UK Arts Council and Yorkshire Media
98 minutes, Drama, Dolby Digital Stereo
© Pathé Fund Limited 1999

Pathé Pictures presents in association with The Arts Council of England, Le Studio Canal+ and BBC Films
with the support of the Yorkshire Media Production Agency a Footprint Films production THE DARKEST LIGHT
Stephen Dillane, Kerry Fox, Kavita Sungha, Jason Walton, Nisha K Nayor, Nicholas Hope; Director of photography Mary
Farbrother; Editor Ewa J Lind; Original Music Adrian Johnston
Production Designer Chris Townsend; Casting Wendy Brazington; Line Producer Guy Tanahill
Executive Producers Andrea Calderwood, Alexis Lloyd, Barbara McKissack; Writer, Simon Beaufoy
Producer Mark Blaney; Directors Bille Eltringham, Simon Beaufoy

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Newport International Film Festival
Won: Best Director Award, Bille Eltringham, Simon Beaufoy

Stockholm Film Festival 1999
Nominated: Bronze Horse, Simon Beaufoy, Bille Eltringham

British Independent Film Awards 1999
Nominated: Best Newcomer, Keri Arnold

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