Under joint managing directors and producers Mark Blaney and Jackie Sheppard, Footprint develops and produces films for a broad mainstream audience which combine commercial appeal and viability with inspiring, entertaining and engaging storylines.

Multiplex presentations and primetime broadcasts that ignite your mind, fire your heart and stir your soul.The films bring to life stories of courage, mercy, forgiveness, redemption, commitment, spiritual truth, faith, hope and love. Multiplex presentations and primetime broadcasts that ignite your mind, fire your heart and stir your soul.

With an emphasis on dramatic adaption of real-life events but with occasional forays into drama fiction, Footprint, whilst perhaps at times exploring difficult areas and subject matters, wants to inspire audiences of all persuasions, beliefs and backgrounds to think what it is that shapes them and the world around us.

Engaging all genres and styles, but always anchoring storylines in an authentic and credible real world, Footprint believes it is essential that stories have an unashamed honesty that compels the audience to engage and reflect. Light or darker in shade, Footprint's productions must be at their very core gripping stories which seek to challenge our attitudes, our beliefs, our lives.

In addition to feature and short production, from time to time Footprint undertakes film consultancy work, the most notable of which is their established and ongoing consultancy to The Pitch film competition.

MARK BLANEY | Producer

Joint Managing Director and co-founder of Footprint Films, Mark has worked in film and television as a producer since 1993.

In 2010, alongside producing partner Jackie Sheppard and Rwandan producer Eric Kabera, Mark produced the Footprint feature and international co-production Africa United (Pathé, BBC Films, UK Film Council/BFI, in association with Warner Bros Pictures, Canal+, Ciné-Cinema & Rwanda Film Commission - director Debs Gardner-Paterson).

Establishing Footprint in 1994, over thirteen years of collaboration with fellow Footprint founders and filmschool graduates Simon Beaufoy and Bille Eltringham, Mark produced [amongst others] Simon and Bille's co-directing first feature The Darkest Light (Pathé, BBC Films, Studio Canal, Yorkshire Media) as well as their critically acclaimed drama short Yellow, the documentary film Shattered Dream (BBC 40 Minutes) which marked Mark and Simon's professional debut, Bille's groundbreaking DV/35mm feature This is Not a Love Song (UK Film Council, Footprint), Fran Lea's much acclaimed, Everyone's Happy (Footprint/ Yorkshire Media) and Kim Hopkins' native American cop feature, WANTED (UK Film Council, A&E [USA], WDR [Germany], Soros Documentary Fund [USA]).

Partnering with fellow producer Jackie Sheppard in 2005 with a view to changing the story-telling focus of Footprint, Mark & Jackie executive produced four short films commissioned by the UK Film Council & Screen South, including the multi-award winning Hammer and Flame. Through 2007/08, alongside developing a slate of feature projects, they produced Home, an award-winning short film by writer/director Debs Gardner-Paterson, Curfew by director Kate Aidley (UK Film Council, Screen South) and Supraman and the School of Necessity (director Debs Gardner-Paterson).

Mark is married to Steph and they have 3 children, Jacob, Grace and Felicity.


Following collaboration with Mark Blaney and Footprint Films on projects in development over several years Jackie joined Footprint as Joint Managing Director of the company in June 2004.

At Footprint, Jackie has produced the feature film Africa United, with producing partner Mark Blaney, and Rwandan producer Eric Kabera. She has also produced the funded shorts, Home (Reel Issues Films), Curfew (Screen South/UKFC), and Supraman and the School of Necessity (The Doorpost) with Mark Blaney. Together they Exec Produced four short films for the UKFC/Screen South’s Digital Shorts programme (Hammer and Flame, Out of Water, Plenty of Spoons, The Karmic Wheel of Doo Doo).

Away from Footprint Jackie produced the short films Unscripted, Derelict and Rahab (all for Reel Issues Films), the latter as part of Footprint’s work on The Pitch film competition.

Previously, Jackie had overseen the technical and creative production at large-scale events, including broadcast events, in many venues including Wembley Conference Centre, the NIA in Birmingham, Leipzig’s Fair Trade Centre, the Hawaii Convention Centre and in Hong Kong at the prestigious Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.